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My Mac MediaCenter - reviews, tutorials and forum

Some time ago I decided to replace my HiFi and TV system with an iMac and a media center.
At this web site I have collected my experiences.

In part 1 I describe my motivation for a media center, my thoughts to hard- and software and the setup of the MediaCenter.
In part 2 I describe the first steps with nessViewer - thus the installation and settings.
In part 3 I describe some specialities of nessViewer which makes the differents to other media and media center applications.

In tutorial videos, which are created by nessViewer, the functionality of nessViewer is presented step by step.

A small collection of internet videos thru media shows offers comics, movies and series, music and erotic stuff and shows thereby how to collect hours of entertainment by media shows without searching the web.

For discussions or questions about media or media centers on the Mac or iPad/iPhone/iPod touch I have set up a forum.

Screenshot of the nessViewer MediaCenter

nessMediaCenter, the media center of nessViewer, is available since 10th of July 2012 for a very low price: 9.50 Euro!
If you do not want to edit media, collect media in playlists or stream media from / to iPhone, then this offer is a great alternative.